If you’re a fan of the exciting and fun to play MMORPG RF Online, you are in for quiet the treat. The exciting MMORPG has captured quiet the audience and has established itself as one of the more popular MMORPGs, however, it has also had its share of server issues. Fortunately, the RF Online team has worked hard to enhance the user experience and has officialy announced the  RF Online new server location in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, as of January 26th the RF Online team had to shut down its servers until January 27th, but this bold move should prove to enhance the gaming experience for its players and should be worth the wait.


RF Online New Server

Although the server move on its own is some awesome news, players should be aware of some temporary goodies that the RF Online team is rolling out with to celebrate the RF Online new server location. The soonest event that players should be aware of starts February 9th. On February 9th, players will be able to a %500 bonus to the EXP they gain, making a great opportunity to level your characters up! Along with the EXP bonus, players will also be able to snag a super quality armor once the reach the appropriate level.

RF Online New Server

Along with the previously mentioned perks, there are still a few more that players should keep an eye out for. Take a look at the following dates to get an idea of some more events that the RF Online new server roll out commencement is bringing to the table

February 9th – Febuary 29th – Players will be able to receive a 30% discount on all cash purchases (with some as high as 40%), however, there is a limited quantity so players will need to jump on this ASAP.

February 9th – March 1st – Cree war winners will be awarded the ability to mine at the mines which will allow players to potentially gain access to expansion pack items.

Bonus Perks – Players who spend $30 or more in any server will be given accessory items as well as an EXP boosting item. Likewise, players who spend the most will be rewarded with a super quality weapon and 2 players weekly will be awarded with a 5% EXP bonus potion.

RF Online New Server

The RF Online new server roll out is a huge addition to the game play of this popular MMORPG and is sure to keep players hooked. Likewise, the RF Online team went up and beyond with the countless perks and special events that they rolled out with to celebrate this huge change. If you have yet to try RF Online, there is no better time than now (especially with the EXP bonuses!), so be sure to check this MMORPG out. If you’re a fan of this popular MMORPG or simply want to leave your opinion about the server change, please feel free to let us know what you have to say about it in the comment box below!

RF Online New Server Location