Otherland: More News Continues to Come to Light Regarding the MMO

Following a recent leak in information which was released to the public, Drago Entertainment, the developer behind Otherland have published an official announcement regarding the updates that they have been working on. Otherland was previously being created by Gamigo until mid-2013 but has since been in the hands of Drago Entertainment as of late 2014. According to their post, Drago Entertainment has based many of their upcoming updates on the feedback from the community:


After a slightly longer break than usual it is time for another update. The long silence was actually very positive – both for us developers as well as for you, the players. We noticed that some of you are anxious to know where we stand. Don’t worry.

In the last weeks, we worked on Otherland in almost every area. Be it graphics, quests, content, game mechanics, animations, etc… We made a lot of changes and created a lot of new stuff based on your feedback, especially some endgame content. We have some new worlds, new areas and of course a huge load of cutscenes for you. There is so much that I don’t even know where to start.”


One of the primary objectives of the upcoming updates was to strengthen the overall performance of the game. Otherlands will now be much more stable on weaker PC’s and laptops and will be much less resource-hungry than the first Closed Beta version proved to be. Drago assures that “the game is running much smoother than before” and that players are likely to enjoy the increase in efficiency.


After continued efforts and much tinkering, a playable version of ClanLands will be available on the test servers. This feature will serve as a guild-housing system designed for the whole clan rather than just a single player. ClanLands will feature a clan-bank, storage space for Special SOMA items and an area to select special quest chains. However, you ClanLand will be open to the attack of hostile players so be on your guard.


The skills system has also been given a complete overhaul. New animations, new effects and new values have all been applied with the upgrade. Heavy and special attacks have also been tweaked, both will no longer function as stronger attacks but will now have “additional area and crowd control components as well” For example: Marksman can now perform area attacks in addition many other single-target abilities.

If you would like to check out the entire list of alterations that will be put into effect with the new upgrade to Otherland check out the official page here.


Otherland: More News Continues to Come to Light Regarding the MMO