New Skyforge Area Revealed: Alakur Island


A new area has just been revealed for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge, and it’s called Alakur Island.

According to the lore, Alakur was once home to one of the most beautiful temples in all of Ianna. It was so beautiful that citizens from all across Aelion traveled to this particular island in order to honor their patron goddess.

At this temple, they left various offering at the foot of a statue dedicated to said goddess, and sang songs and chanted prayers as tribute as well. While the statue still stands there to this day, the temple proper lies in absolute ruin — thanks mainly to the carnivorous Phytonides, who’ve managed to seize the surrounding land and flood the island.

These Phytonides are famed creatures that are essentially leftovers from earlier invasions of Aelion. From what scientists have been able to learn on the subject, the Phytonides are actually capable of controlling a vast range of both large and small plantlife. No matter where they settle, the area soon becomes overrun by vegetation of a varying nature.

Walls and columns of abandoned buildings are quickly claimed by the vines and roots of this plant life, and blossoms can even be seen sprouting up everywhere as well. Players will have to be careful not to succumb to the charms of all of this glorious vegetative beauty — what with its bright, vibrant colors, seductive Dryads and huge mushrooms masking poisonous spikes and sharp teeth from within the foliage.

As you play an immortal in the game, you’re essentially tasked with assembling a group of fearless warriors to purge this ancient temple of the bloodthirsty Phytonides and restore order to the land.

New Skyforge Area Revealed: Alakur Island