For those who have been tracking the progress of the sexy Korean MMO Queens Blade, there is a new feature that players 19+ can enjoy on their site.  This MMO exclusively uses female warriors (much like the Anime version if you’ve seen it) and the sexy additions to the site are verified based off the login information for players and accessible for players 19 and up.


Queens Blade Adult Zone


While the Queens Blade Adult Zone may seem a little risque, players who are familiar with the Queens Blade series are simply able to ‘experience’ the MMO’s characters in some videos and sexy screen shots.  For players who need a little background on Queens Blade aside from the Anime, here’s how it came to be. Queens Blade is another development project of Liveplex (following Dragona Online) and is set in a world dominated by many sexy and unique female warriors. Queens Blade is an action packed game and should bring some pretty action packed game play to many players. If you haven’t heard of Queens Blade yet, here’s some of the photos that this sexy MMO has rolled out with.

Queens Blade Adult ZoneQueens Blade Adult ZoneQueens Blade Adult ZoneQueens Blade Adult Zone

As you can see, this MMO isn’t shy at all and holds nothing back. With that being said, the Queens Blade Adult Zone is rated 19+ for a reason and if players are interested they can sign up on the official site. The Closed Beta for Queens Blade has started today (February 2), so it should be interesting to hear what players have to say about this MMO. If you’re in the Closed Beta or simply want to leave your opinion about this sexy MMO, feel free to leave us a comment below!

New Queens Blade Adult Zone

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