New MMORPG Dragon Blade Shows Great Promise

China MMO creator NetEase has been working on a project known as “Game-X” and it seems that in their latest press conference, they have now named the new 3D MMORPG Dragon Blade. Along with this announcement, there has also been a concept art trailer release as well as the launch of their new official website (the website is still in the works, but should have more information coming shortly). If you’re curious about what Dragon Blade has to offer, look no further and take a look at the trailer!


Excited? We are too! Dragon Blade has been developed using a new graphics engine called Next-B and aims to give other Korean MMORPGs a run for their money with its brand new engine. Dragon Blade is your typical Korean MMORPG, however, the unique fantasy world that it takes place in is truly captivating. While the game play may be similar to its competitors, Dragon Blade has created a unique visual experience that should help set this MMORPG apart from the rest.


To understand just how impressive Dragon Blade’s graphic engine is, we’ll have to dig a little deeper. The brand new engine has allowed Dragon Blade to show vivid details by capitalizing on the modeling, mapping, and infinite light source aspects of their Next-B engine. One of the most noticeable actions that allow players to see the potential of the graphics engine is movement. It may seem silly or simple, however, when players move their characters through the light, they will notice a reflection of their character’s garments, armors, and even weapons. Most impressively, as your character moves, so does the reflection of light off of your champion. It may seem like a minor detail, however, the new engine could create quite the MMORPG phenomenon (we’re just excited to see the potential).


Along with the previously mentioned graphic enhancements, players will also need to adjust to the lighting when going from dark-to-light situations. The development team behind Dragon Blade has gone all out to create a real experience for gamers, and we definitely appreciate it. Their efforts in the combat system seem to adopt the real-life approach as well, and players can expect to have some freedom of their character and hack and slash as they see fit.


There are tons of details that have gone into the creation of Dragon Blade, and we cannot wait to hear of any progress with this MMORPG. If you’ve been waiting for an awesome MMORPG, Dragon Blade seems like it may hit the spot. If you’d like to let us know what you think about this MMORPG, please feel free to leave us a comment in the box below. We’d love to hear from you!

New MMORPG Dragon Blade Shows Great Promise

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