New MMO “Wildstar” Launches Free-to-Play Closed Beta

Carbine Studios along with NCsoft a gaming publisher recently announced the launch of a free-to play closed beta period for their new MMORPG known as WildStar.  Carbine Studios has made the transition from a subscription-based model to a free-to-play one which is likely to encourage a wide variety of new content for WildStar. Current subscribers will automatically be given access to test the closed beta upon it’s launch.



According to the official page for the WildStar Beta test, several new features and content will be introduced in the free-to-play version of WildStar which will include:


  • The Alpha Sanctum
    • A new instance that “brings players into WildStar’s world storyline much earlier in the game than ever before.”
  • Madame Fay’s Fortunes
    • A randomized reward system that can “turn a tiny investment into big, big shinies.”
  • New character introduction
    • The character creation system has been updated, and players can choose where they wish to start in WildStar based on their past experience with MMO games.
  • Loyalty program
    • Players who have invested money into the game either through subscription payments, redeeming in-game C.R.E.D.D., or purchasing MTX items will now earn points in WildStar’s Loyalty Program. Points can be used to access additional gear, items, pets, mounts, and more.


Carbine Studios is looking to gather feedback from players during the closed beta test phase in order to prepare for the WildStar launch this fall. If you are interested in participating in the closed beta you must have an existing WildStar account and have already elected to participate in the closed beta key. If you have not already signed up but are still interested in testing that you can click the link here to reach the closed beta signup page.

New MMO “Wildstar” Launches Free-to-Play Closed Beta