New Abilities Shine Through In Age Of Wushu Transcendence Expansion

Snail games USA today revealed some exciting details for Age of Wushu’s upcoming, largest content expansion to date, Transcendence. Accompanying the release of the Transcendence expansion on January 14th are a variety of exciting new features, most notably a huge increase in the level and variety of skills available.

The Transcendence expansion will give players the opportunity to unlock a Fifth Internal Skill which has the potential to influence a players stats in ways never before possible. Increasing these statistics will give players access to a brand of new skills via books that players can discover throughout the game world.

Today is the first time Snail Games USA have released any information on the new skills, highlighting potential options for each combat style in Age of Wushu.

  • Shaolin – Wushi Chi – Increased chance of Crit Hit
  • Beggar’s Sect – Catch Dragon – Increased chance of Crit Hit and Splash Damage
  • Royal Guards – Possessed by Ghost – Chance of defensive immunity/offensive Crit Hit boost
  • Wudang – Dominating Dragon Blade – Increase endurance and speed during attack
  • Wanderer’s Valley – Shadow-catching Bloodthirst – HP absorption for certain skill
  • Emei – Nirvana Land – Creates damaging shield when in combat
  • Tangmen – Extremely Soft and Cold Poison – Chance to inflict special poison effect
  • Scholars – Phoenix Dancing and Singing – Movement damage and Damage Reduction boost when in combat

New Abilities Shine Through In Age Of Wushu Transcendence Expansion