, a worldwide leading game portal (as if you didn’t already know), has expanded its impressively diverse, high-quality portfolio with a new casual stateside port of his extremely popular international online board game, Modoo Marble. The game will be alternatively referred to as Dice Venture for its North American release, where buzz surrounding the port is high. Mainly due to the international version of the game being sensationally popular, currently boasting an impressive five million players presently.


With the beta test kicking off in Wednesday, May 29 here in North America, interested dice rollers can visit for more information as well as to sign-up for a shot at being selected for the aforementioned beta test.

For those not in the know, Dice Venture will exist as a casual online board game in which players can join their friends and family in a classic game — but with a twist. Players take turns buying and selling different properties while also traveling around the world for a chance to become a billionaire tycoon. Games can either be played in four-player head-to-head mode or, alternatively, via two-on-two team-based matches. Taking about 25 minutes to finish a game session, it’s essentially Monopoly on steroids and with a broader, less-grounded worldview.

Scheduled to launch officially in the second quarter of this year on PC, with iOS/Android ports of the game being released closely thereafter.

Netmarble Introduces Stateside Version of Its Sensationally Popular Board Game, Modoo Marble (Albeit With a Different Name)