NDA Restrictions On The Way Out For Gloria Victis

Winner of Indie DB’s Game of the Year 2013, Gloria Victis, is approaching the launch of pre-alpha following the release of a new changelog today highlighting various changes made to the game.

Gloria Victis is still in the early stages of development but players are able to secure access to each testing stage through the financial support option provided by crowd-sourcing.

Today Black Eye Games released a new changelog highlighting the changes coming to the game prior to its pre-alpha launch in coming weeks. The launch of pre-alpha will be accompanied by an overhaul in visuals including smoother terrain, better visual graphics for backdrops and the increased presence of the in-game weather system.

The pre-alpha launch will also mark the first opportunity for players to share their experiences in-game through the removal of the NDA.

The full changelog can be read here.

NDA Restrictions On The Way Out For Gloria Victis