Tera Release Date Announced

En Masse Entertainment started taking Beta sign-ups for Tera last week (a good indicator that the game is closing in on  a launch date). As of today, En Masse Entertainment has officially set the launch date for May 1st. This is pretty exciting news because this MMO looks awesome. En Masse’s goal is to shake up the MMO gaming experience by creating one of the first true action MMOs. Here’s some screenshots so you can see what’s to come (and why we’re pretty pumped about it).

Tera Release Date AnnouncedTera Release Date Announced






Tera allows players to create a character from 7 different races and 8 different classes. The goal is for players to fight hordes of monsters to save the world. While that may seem like the basic plot for every game ever, Tera has some features that will blow you out of the water (at least features for an MMO). The biggest hype behind Tera is the fact that it uses a political system that is new to the MMO playing field. This system will allow players to gain notoriety in different regions based off of their political influence and PvP skills.

Tera has been out in Korea for some time, however, this MMO will be quiet the treat for American players (and should create an interesting response from American players). If you haven’t checked out the Korean version yet, no worries! It’ll be coming to a computer near you (soon at least…). We’d love to hear what you have to say about Tera, so please feel free to share your input in the comments below!

MMOSpotlight News – Tera Release Date Announced

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