Mercenary Ops

Epic Games China has done it again and plans to use their Unreal Engine 3 in the TPS Mercenary Ops. Currently, Epic game is planning to launch the game in both North America and Europe by this summer. This has been yet another awesome announcement made in GDC this week. Epic Games showed the trailer and you have got to take a look at it below!

The trailer looks awesome, and with a Gears of War style game-play, Mercenary Ops should be quiet the third person shooter. Players will be able to utilize this style of game-play and can also quickly dodge enemies behind any obstacles they may see in this urban environment. Among these features, players will also be able to use blind fire and active reloading during their urban combat dogfights. Players will also be able to choose between both male and female characters, which is also an added perk.


Mercenary Ops has been around in China for some time now, however, come this summer we will all get a taste of what it has to offer. The general requirements to run Mercenary Ops are at least 2Gb of Ram and an Nvidia 7600GT graphics card. If you’ve been following GDC this week, you’d know this is simply one more addition to the pile of exciting news that has been coming from it. If you’d like to let us know what you think about Mercenary Ops or any other games that have been discovered this week, please feel free to drop us a line in the comment box below. We’d love to hear it!

Mercenary Ops Set for North America and Europe this Summer

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