For fans of Grand Theft Auto, the release of the Heists update is a highly anticipated one. In order to whet their appetites even further, Rockstar announced several other key elements that will be released with Heists to make players’ GTA 5 experience that much better.

The key updates are adding new Adversary Modes to the online gameplay. There are three new modes, called “Come Out and Play”, “Siege Mentality” and “Hasta la Vista”. In “Come out and play”, there are two groups of players, runners and hunters. Runners are on foot and have access to a full arsenal, while Hunters are on bikes and only carry shotguns.

In “Siege Mentality”, players face off against unlimited attackers as they try to maintain their stronghold for a certain time limit. Defenders have but one life and unlimited weapons/ammo, whereas attackers have unlimited lives and only shotguns.

In “Hasta la Vista”, Truckers and Cyclists face off in a race to the death. Cyclists must reach a checkpoint before being eliminated, and Truckers try to smash Cyclists underneath their tires before they reach the checkpoint.

In addition to the adversary modes, there will be daily objectives for in game cash, as well as free mode missions available from main characters. The updates will be released for consoles on March 10th and on PC on March 14th.

March Mayhem/Updates for GTA 5