[video] Many Changes to Come With Destiny’s  New Expansion: The Taken King

Along with new missions, enemies, and gear many other elements of Destiny will be changing with the second year expansion, The Taken King. Bungie has announced that they will be giving the game’s original core leveling system a brand new overhaul. Currently, a player must assumulate enough XP to reach level 20 before various levels of Light attach themselves to dropped or purchased armor. This system has created strife and turmoil among the Destiny community and apparently Bungie has been listening. Going forward, the leveling system will function much more closely to that of a traditional RPG.


In the Taken King, the new level cap has been set to 40 and the only way a player will be able to achieve this level will be through standard XP collection. Players will no longer need to choose between which gear to acquire or abandon in order to accumulate Light ratings that would otherwise skew the XP intake.  These additions should make it a little easier on newer players to the game who will no longer be required to learn an intricate leveling system based around what clothing their characters are wearing  and a welcome change to those long-term players who should already be familiar with the new leveling system from other traditional RPGS.


Bungie has also released a new trailer for Destiny: The Taken King today which highlights more of the game’s storyline rather than the gameplay itself. Based on the trailer, we see a new main boss arise known as Oryx aka The Taken King. Oryx has vowed to bring destruction to the solar system with his army of Taken seek out vengeance for the death of his son, Crota during Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below. Destiny: The Taken King is set to release September 15th 2015. Check out the video for the new trailer below.


[video] Many Changes to Come With Destiny’s New Expansion: The Taken King