Changes to Bot Lane and Some Major Champion Tweaks

Riot has released patch 7.5 to the live servers, including in it some item changes for Marksman, as well as changes to a few select marksman who may have used or abused certain items or masteries. Supports also got some changes, a rather all around one for exhaust as it has been the go to shut down for anyone who would think to try and kill the marksman they are protecting, along with some changes to Bond of Stone, now Stoneborn Pact, to help make tanky supports a bit safer when they engage and harass.

Before we get into the balance changes though this patch will also be bringing us two new skins sharing an awesome theme, that being Dragon Sorceress Zyra and Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao

Major Champion Adjustments

Aatrox –
Much of Aatrox’ Kit remains the same in practice, with just some adjustments to the scaling on them and the removal of all AP scaling. The major change that will severley effect his flow of combat and the windows of oppurtunity he has to engage are that to his passive. Instead of spending health on abilities now only his (E) Blades of Torment costs a flat 30 Health as opposed to the 5% maximum health it used to cost, and being that all of his abilities are now only restricted by their cooldowns his Passive, Blood Well, now charges up by 20% for each spell cast, and upon reaching 100% it drains over the course of 4 seconds while granting him attack speed and base Attack Damage, as well as sporting a lower cooldown on the Revive portion of its effect.

What does that mean for Aatrox? Well now he can Engage and sustain in a fight without draining himself dry, and if he chooses between building tanky and forming the front line or building more damage for significant payoff without being stuck somewhere in between and only feeling the benefit if he is vastly ahead of his opponent

Champion Changes

Fizz –
Opportunity to apply Bleed longer, Pickup rate on ultimate lowered

Marks are now easier to acquire through the jungle, with selected camps beginning with Scuttle crab and proffering easier one earlier

Leblanc –
(Q) Shatter orb Minion Damage up, (W) Distortion Damage severely reduced

Lucian –
(Q) Piercing Light and (W) Ardent Blaze Cast Speed up

Miss Fortune –
(Q) Double up second hit damage reduced, but now crits normally and always crit if the initial shot does

Rengar –
Base Armor down and (W) Battle Roar monster healing down

(W) Rune Prison duration reduced and (E) Spell Flux cooldown slightly longer at lower ranks

Varus –
(Q) Piercing Arrow fully charged damage reduced and cooldown increased unless stacks of blighted quiver are detonated

Items Changes

Blade of the Ruined King –
More Raw damage Damage from statistics, Less utility on active

Edge of night –
Shield duration Halved

Mastery Changes

Bond of Stone –
Now Stoneborn Pact, grants bonus health and applies mark on any CCed target that heals allys when consumed

Deathfire Touch –
Bonus AD ratio reduced

Warlords Bloodlust –
No longer grants lifesteal, now charges through movement and basic attacks to energize a basic attack to provide lifesteal and movement speed for a short duration

Summoner Spell Changes

No longer reduces attack speed or Armor and Magic Resist

LoL Patch 7.5 Live