[video] League Of Legends Pro Pulls Off Miraculous Baron Steal  During Championship Semifinals

During the League of Legends Championship Series semifinals over this past weekends, a member of the pro Team SoloMid (TSM) pulled off quite the feet during one of their matches. Jason Tran known as “WildTurtle” of Team SoloMid managed to steal a takedown on Nashor, a Baron creep while the opposing team was jointly trying kill the Baron in order to collect in on the massive team-wide rewards that come from killing such an enemy. Baron-kill steals are fairly common in LoL due to the massive amount of performance perks that come along with taking down the beast but what makes this particular instance so impressive is that he captured the kill with a long-range missile while he was standing mid-lane without having any real view of his target. It was a complete shot in the dark.



If you aren’t familiar with League of Legends or haven’t ever played the game you may have watched the video and found yourself wondering “Why is everyone in the audience losing their minds over this one kill?” Essentially, Baron monsters are one of two large creeps in League of Legends that a team jointly tries to take down in return for performance perks that are shared among the entire team which excels the team closer towards locking in a victory. Due to the sheer power and extensive HP of a Baron, player’s generally have to orchestrate a team wide attack just to take the thing down. This tactic requires quite a bit of joint effort among the team which also leaves the base wide open to siege while the team focuses all of their attack force to one location.


During this particular match, Wild turtle was playing as Jinx, a ranged character who has the ability to launch a long-ranged rocket as one of her special features. When he launched the attack, WildTurtle was located mid-lane and had no real view of the target nor did any of his team members. Now here is where things become real astonishing. A Baron’s HP is so massive that countless attacks have to be executed  before the monster is killed. Wild Turtles perfectly timed missile was the KO blow that finally finished off the Baron out of a mountain of attacks that came before it. Additionally, A Jinx rocket attack doesn’t hurt NPC monsters, so she can’t simply select a target and launch the attack to perform the kill. However, the rocket does do a large amount of splash damage within a certain radius meaning that WildTurtle selected a human character for the attack and the Baron was killed by the splash damage that radiated off of the initial attack. And this all occurred during a Championship Series game.  If there is such a being as the “God of Odds” WildTurtle just slapped him clean across the face with this move.


Ironically enough a similar Baron- steal stunt was pulled on Team SoloMid earlier this year by Pro LoL player, “Piglet” Of team Liquid…the same team Solomid were playing against during this semifinals match. Oh how delicious the sweet nectar of vengeance is!

[video] League Of Legends Pro Pulls Off Miraculous Baron Steal During Championship Semifinals