Leaving the League of Legends, Season 3, Summer Split, Cloud 9 was leading the board with only 3 losses the entire seasons. C9 fans were pumped for regional playoffs, because it seemed like C9 had a sure win. Just for a quick recap of Summer Split, here are the stats for the top 6 teams:
                                                   Wins                   Losses
Cloud 9 HyperX                       25                        3
Vulcan TechBargains            20                       8
TSM Snapdragon                  14                       14
Curse                                        13                      15
Counter Logic Gaming         13                      15
Team Dignitas                        13                      15

From the stats, it would seam that Vulcan and C9 would take the field by storm and leave PAX with the top two spots, but that was not the case.

Friday, TSM Snapdragon won their first set matches with season rivals, Counter Logic Gaming, 2-0. That victory, along with a very hyped up crowd of TSM fans, gave TSM confidence to pull everything together and really focus.

Dignitas and Curse also had a matchup on the first day of regionals. Dignitas prevailed in that match, leaving Curse and Counter Logic Gaming to fight Saturday for 5th place. 6th place has to re-qualify to stay in the LCS—League Championship Series.

Saturday was an eventful day for TSM fans. They saw the team beat Vulcan 2-0, making TSM contender for 1st place. All they had to do was defeat C9, and they would leave PAX victorious. However, even with their focus and the excitement of the fans, Cloud9 battled TSM for the top spot and won in three straight sets, a momentous achievement for C9.

CLG was victorious in the matchup with Curse.

Sunday, Vulcan and Dignitas fought for 3rd place, and the last spot going to the World Championships on September 15th. Considering the Summer Split season, It was no surprise when Vulcan won the match up, 2-0.

Cloud9 1st
TSM 2nd
Vulcan 3rd

These three teams will be heading to Worlds.

Dignitas 4th
CLG 5th
Curse 6th

Curse has to re-qualify for the Spring Split.

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League of Legends NA Summer Playoffs

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