Kritika (KR) Closed Beta Approaches in First Half of 2012

Kritika (KR) is a new MMORPG that aims to wow players with it’s stunning and detailed graphic system. Kritika is developed and published by South Korean Allm and NHN and features 10-minute short instances and a detailed combat system that is sure to catch player’s attention. The launch for Kritika is still undetermined, however, the Closed Beta testing phase is set for launch within the first half of 2012.


The development team behind the new Action MMORPG Kritika has made a huge effort to satisfy their players with stunning graphics, smooth controls, and top of the line combat effects. The Kritika team stated that they were unsure if ordinary graphic cards would be able to handle what they have been working on, so they have adopted a cartoon graphic system for the most enhanced in-game experience (nobody wants to play a glitchy MMORPG). In an effort to give Kritika a unique feel, developers have made a battle system where the weapons (based off of which type they are) will react differently upon attack. For example, blunt weapons will cause a character to pause for a moment after attacking and sword attacks will slow down before the moment of impact and allow players to see it pierce their enemy’s hide. This feature is to enhance and captivate players by focusing on the minor details and allowing the attack to seem more vivid.


Along with these features, Kritika will also feature a quest mode similar to other MMORPGs (ie. Boss battles, quests, and goodies), however, the development team is putting a huge emphasis on the dungeon game-play. Players can expect this MMORPG to be action packed and will have to learn to master the art of evasion to deal with the constant foes. The boss battles seem very exciting, however, the dev team recommends that players observe their boss fights closely to figure out the best plan of attack.


Currently, the development team is working on cleaning up this action packed MMORPG by deleting any unnecessary processes and aims to bring players a short and thrilling MMORPG. The Closed Beta should be approaching soon, and we can’t wait to check it out! If you’re interested in Kritika or simply want to let us know what you think, please feel free to leave us a comment in the box below. We’d love to hear it!



Kritika (KR) Closed Beta Approaches in First Half of 2012

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