GuildWars 2: Say Hello to the Herald

Guildwars 2 introduced a new elite specialization for the Revenant today known as the Herald. Similar to the other eight professions featured in GuildWars, the Revenant will also receive an elite specialization that will include a new weapon type, a new legend, a specialization line for traits, and a change to the profession’s mechanics. According to the description of the new elite speculation on the official GuildWars 2 page:

“The herald elite specialization will offer revenants the shield as an off-hand weapon, a Legendary Dragon Stance, a new specialization line, and an added profession mechanic. The focus of the herald is on support via boons, utility, and personal defense. This elite specialization will pair well with most of the other legends, providing group utility.

The legend for Legendary Dragon Stance is Glint. We chose the name herald for this elite specialization because we thought it was fitting given Glint’s actions in the past. In the original GuildWars®, Glint compiled the Flameseeker Prophecies, foretelling events such as the defeat of Vizier Khilbron as well as the fall of the titans and the mursaat. Much of what she predicted came to pass. She was a protector of Tyria and a herald worth heeding.”

The Herald will utilize several new abilities and skills to bolster their attack, defense, and aid to your allies during combat.

herald 3


Shield Skills:

    • Envoy of Exuberance: Send the energy of Glint toward the target area, granting protection to allies. The energy will burst, healing allies, and then return to you, granting protection on the way back.


  • Crystal Hibernation: Channel a shield from the Mists to protect you and regenerate health. You take no damage from attacks, and conditions cannot be applied to you.



Skill Facets:


  • Facet of Elements:Grant nearby allies swiftness every few seconds.
  • Elemental Blast:Consume Facet of Elements to have magical dragon breath cover the target area.
  • Facet of Chaos:Grant nearby allies protection every few seconds.
  • Chaotic Release:Consume Facet of Chaos to damage and knockback foes while granting super speed to allies.
  • Facet of Nature:Pulse Naturalistic Resonance every few seconds to nearby allies, increasing their outgoing boon duration.
  • One with Nature:Consume Facet of Nature to unify with the other facets, granting allies the boons the facets provide.



The Herald will also have the ability to conduct underwater combat through the use of a wide array of different spear skills . In addition, several of the legends will also be converted to function underwater as well.  Regarding the spear, a hybrid approach has been taken ensuring that both physical and condition-damage styles of combat will be accommodated. Spears will also have a new feature enabling the user to perform two auto attacks for the first two skill slots of the weapon.


If you are interested in check out the Herald in action for yourself, take a look at the live stream this Friday, August 14th on Points of Interest, airing at 3:00 p.m. EDT on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. If you would like to check out more details or are interested in the entire list of new Spear features for the Revenant elite specialization the Herald, check out the official post by GuildWars 2 here.


GuildWars 2: Say Hello to the Herald