Guild Wars 2: The Berserker Revealed

ArenaNet continues to reveal new features for their upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns. This week they have unveiled the new Elite Specialization for the Warrior, the Berserker. As one might assume from the name, The Berserker is a specialization recommended for those who wish to tear through their adversaries with raw rage and sheer brawn.


This elite specialization enables a warrior to enter into “Berserk mode” once enough adrenaline has been accumulated. Once this mode has been achieved, the adrenaline bar will instantly switch over from its standard three-tiered, 30 adrenaline structure over to a single-tier 10 adrenaline bar. This new bar enables the Berserker to boost their adrenaline full much quicker than the standard rate which becomes almost essential when using the new “Primal burst” skills.


Each pre-existing burst skill for the warrior will now include a primal burst counterpart while in berserk mode. These enhanced skills will take less time to charge compared to the charge times of the traditional bust skills which accommodates the lower adrenaline bar of the Berserker. ArenaNet demonstrated two of these primal burst skills using the longbow’s Scorched Earth and Mace’s Skull Grinder abilities. Traditionally, the longbow’s Combustive Shot launches an arched projectile which leaves a circle of fire however, the new Scorched Earth primal burst will leave a trail of fire on the ground in its wake. The attack will leave a straight line which covers more ground than Combustive Shot but will need to be aimed appropriately in order to reap the full effect.


The mace’s Skull Crack burst will be replaced by the Skull Grinder when in berserk mode. This new burst can still be used to disrupt a target but for a shorter period of time. In exchange, Skull Grinder will inflict multiple conditions on the target after one use.


In addition to the new Primal bursts, The berserker will wield the torch as their weapon of choice to summon the flames of destruction. The torch opens up two new skills to its wielder, the first of which is Blaze Breaker. When using this skill, the Berserker slams their torch into the ground hurdling a massive shower of flame and rock at their foes inflicting damage and crippling in it’s wake.  The secondary torch skill is known as Flames of War which engulfs the user in fire upon being activated scorching off any conditions while simultaneously creating a field that burns any foes caught inside it while the berserker moves from target to target.


The new elite specialization will include a new array of rage skills, one of which ArenaNet has revealed known as Wild Blow. Upon activating this skill the berserker will launch a powerful attack that sends enemies flying backwards. The attack is so powerful that enemies who are hit by the initial blow will literally become projectiles themselves cascading into other enemies knocking them back in turn.
Berserker 1

The Berserker will bolster a new lines of traits  as well as many other new abilities for those that choose this new elite specialization for their Warrior character. For a more in-depth look at this specialization check out the official Guild Wars page for the Berserker and be sure to catch the life stream on their official Twitch channel this Friday at noon Pacific where they will present a first look at Berserker gameplay.

Guild Wars 2: The Berserker Revealed