Grepolis Releases Trojan War Expansion

On February 16th, InnoGames, makers of such hits as Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars 2, unleashed the latest expansion for their historical epic saga, Grepolis. In Grepolis, players recreate Greek History, complete with heroes, battles, and ancient technology. Keeping with Greek mythology, they have created the Trojan War expansion, which allows players to create armies to battle their way to the city of Troy.

There are two main aspects of the Trojan War expansion that players can look forward to. First, is the inclusion of 5 new mercenary armies, which players can access by performing regular game duties, such as city building and research. As players expand their cities and perform more tasks, they are able to unlock new Mercenary units. However, there is a cap of 10 Merc units available per day.

The second aspect of the Trojan War is the fact that players can utilize the hero Achilles to augment their armies, providing an increase of 20% to their combat power.

In addition to these gameplay additions, there will be three awards for this event: Leader of Trojan Mercenaries, Trojan Massacre, and Conqueror of Troy.

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Grepolis Releases Trojan War Expansion