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Hi-Rez Studios today released the latest God reveal spotlight for the critically acclaimed free-to-play MOBA SMITE, introducing Awilix, Goddess of the Moon. The latest addition to the SMITE battlefield arrives in this weeks patch, accompanied by her powerful Jaguar pet Suku, Awilix invades SMITE as a deadly Assassin.

Awilix has a powerful combination of abilities that give her the power to control enemies on the battlefield, chase down unsuspecting foes and combine attacks to decimate even the strongest of opponents.

Beginning battle with the use of her passive, providing additional buffs for initiating combat, Awilix is able to use her ultimate ability to control Leaping or Knocked Up foes before providing herself with yet more buffs.

Awilix is the latest spotlight in a new God reveal video, highlighting her abilities and introducing players to her background lore and mythology.

The Goddess Of The Moon Debuts In SMITE