GAMEVIL Announces Game Updates

GAMEVIL, publisher behind such MMO games as Elune Saga, just announced updates for the month of February for its top three online games: Darkness Reborn, Spirit Stones and Elune Saga. The updates are listed below in further detail.

 Darkness Reborn

This is a highly addictive action RPG game where players advance through maps defeating enemies and gaining new abilities. The recent update included a new desert map called the Ladune Desert. The fourth map for the game has 15 levels and three new bosses. In addition, there are numerous new achievements and equipment available, including wings, which improve character stats as well their aesthetic value.

 Spirit Stones

This mash up RPG/Deck building game is being updated with a new continent for players level 40 and above. The continent is called Land of Trials, and it has numerous new stages and mini maps for players to explore and conquer. In addition to the new continent, players will now be faced with a Mission Stage on each quest. The Mission Stage offers players three challenges: taking limited turns to clear a stage, use a leader to protect three citizens, or break certain blocks to deal damage to a boss.

 Elune Saga

This strategy RPG has players collect Soul Cards and battle each other for supremacy in the world of Astoria. The update will add another level of competition in Guild Battles by allowing players to give spirits to their Guardians for increased level and armor. Then, on Saturdays and Sundays players compete in the Guild battle for rankings and trophies. In addition to the new level of battle gameplay, the update introduces Dianna, a Gunner Hero who can increase her party’s Attack by 1%

All three games are available at the App Store or Google Play store and can be played on mobile devices

GAMEVIL Announces Game Updates