Final Fantasy XIV Expands with Heavensward

As one of the most decorated and oldest RPG games out there, Final Fantasy is a franchise that many players are familiar with, if not die hard fans of. Now in its fourteenth expansion, Final Fantasy will be releasing a new expansion called Heavensward in June of this year.

Square Enix, makers of the game, announced the new expansion at this year’s PAX East festival, going on now. Heavensward will introduce a number of new features, as well as a brand new storyline that delves into the Dragonsong War, a thousand year conflict between Ishgard Knights and the Dragons of Dravania.

Several key features of Heavensward are an increase in level caps from 50 to 60, a new playable race, new primal battles, and new mounts that allow players to battle among the clouds.

The other notable thing about Heavensward is that, while it will be released on Playstation and PC, there will now (finally) be a version for Mac. This is the first time that Final Fantasy has released on an Apple device, and this change is sure to bring many hardcore fans back into the fray, as they have been missing out on online versions of the game.

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Final Fantasy XIV Expands with Heavensward