Fallout 4 Was Essentially Completed Before Bethesda Even Announced It

Bethesda’s latest and most anticipated project, Fallout 4 is “essentially done” according to vice president and marketing executive Pete Hines. During an interview earlier this week featured on Bonus Round Pete shared some encouraging news regarding the games current progress and also took some time to discuss the footage shown during QuakeCon.

“Not to over-exaggerate, but the game is essentially done, When you talk about what else you are doing, all we’re doing is taking what exists and polishing it and fixing bugs. It’s not like you work until November 9 and then November 10 it’s out. You have to make discs and do this other stuff. They are finishing the game. That’s all they’re doing this summer.”

Several new additions to the game were also highlighted during the interview including the new VATS system and weapon customization options that may come as a little foreign to the more seasoned Fallout vets of the previous games.  Players will not be able to use the VATS system as a “safety net” in the new game as was customarily the practice in Fallout 3. Unlike the old VATS system which literally paused the game for the player enabling them to easily pick out their targets, the new system will operate in slo-mo making for a more interesting challenge..specifically when being faced with an overwhelmingly sizable pack of feral ghouls!



Needless to say we have been biting at the bit to play this game since we finished playing the third one back in 2008. The visuals in the footage look great and the level of customization and detail that Bethesda is so renowned for in their  games appears to be more immense in Fallout 4 than anything else we have seen before. The game is set to release on November 11 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC!

Fallout 4 Was Essentially Completed Before Bethesda Even Announced It