Elsword Heroic Dungeon Mode

Elsword Update Introduces Heroic Dungeon Mode

The newest update to Elsword is on its way and will be introducing some great new features. Primarily this update will be bringing Heroic Dungeon Modes to Elsword! Heroic Dungeon Mode will be available for players level 80 and above. Players of the appropriate level will see this mode available as a tab in the game UI. Players below level 80 will also be able to see this tab, but it will be greyed out and not accessible to them until reaching the appropriate level. An important thing to note is that the Ruben dungeon will not be included in Heroic Dungeon Modes. KOG Games has outlined the features of heroic dungeons, or you can check out the main features below:

  • Only players level 80 or above may take part in Heroic Dungeon Mode
  • Players below level 80 will see the tab on the UI but will not be able to access it
  • Queueing or starting the heroic dungeon with current members will work in the same way as normal modes
  • A Heroic Invitation is needed to do the dungeon mode, even if the player is above level 80
  • Players will not receive EXP, and stamina will not be decreased, in Heroic Dungeon Mode
  • Players will not receive Random Missions during a Heroic Dungeon run
  • Dungeons included in the Heroic Dungeon mode will not be affected by drop rate events
  • Hero Coins will not be given as rewards upon completion of any Heroic Dungeon runs
  • Ruben is not included in the Heroic Dungeon mode

New Jobs for Empyrean Gunner Rose

In addition to the release of Elsword’s Heroic Dungeon Mode, KOG also unveiled two new jobs for the Empyrean Gunner Rose! The first of which, Bloodia, uses a revolver as the main weapon and relies heavily on combo moves alongside deadly kicks. The second of the new jobs for Rose is Crime Rose, which is centered around inflicting heavy bleed effects on enemies and using deadly AoE skills. While very little information has been revealed so far about these new jobs, KOG has promised that there is more information to come very soon!

Elsword Heroic Dungeon Mode