Ellwood Bartlett Plans “Your World”

If you’re familiar with Kickstarter (one of the worlds largest funding platforms), it’s no surprise to see large amounts of cash to fund some pretty awesome games. In the past, Wasteland 2 had raised $900,000 and Double Fine Adventures raised $1million within the first 24 hours. While this is obviously interesting news on it’s own, there is a new person on the block looking for some funds, however, he happens to be a lotto winner of $27 million.


Ellwood Bartlett, $27 million dollar lotto winner, decided he wants to create his own MMO. Bartlett has taken his idea to Kickstarter and is looking for $1.1 million dollars in funds to bring his MMO, “Your World”, to life. While the fact that he is a lotto winner does turn some people off to the idea, Bartlett does have some pretty cool ideas for how he envisions his MMO.


While some of Bartlett’s ideas may be hard to come by, he is not lacking in the creativity department. Bartlett wants to call his game “Your World” and wants the game to take place throughout various servers or worlds. Bartlett wants every sever (or world) to have a different theme and stated, “One will be a mostly water and all avatars will have underwater breathing, and another will be a volcanic world and your avatar will have a high resistance to fire.” Besides, players can travel between servers for “Universal Quests” and PVP”. This is a very cool concept, however, the PvP aspect of the game could be tricky to sort out (maybe that’s where his lotto earnings will come in handy?). Nonetheless, it’s a great idea and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it!


Among these ideas, Bartlett envisions a game where characters can mix and match body parts from various races. Bartlett would also like his game to allow players to control their own empires and have the ability to purchase land and shops. While this concept sounds awesome, many people are wondering why Bartlett doesn’t simply fund it himself. When asked about it, Bartlett said that it was purely because he wanted to see if players would be interested in his ideas.


Nonetheless, this will be a very cool topic to keep track of and “Your World” has currently raised $10k. Only time will tell how “Your World” will pan out, but Bartlett is staying very positive in the meantime. If you’d like to let us know what you think about Bartlett and “Your World”, please feel free to drop us a comment in the box below! We’d Love to hear from you!

Ellwood Bartlett Plans “Your World”