Dragon City

September 11, 2013 5:46 pm

Join the more than 10 million, who have already jumped into Dragon City on Facebook, or download the game on your Iphone or Ipad. Raise your own dragons, test their strength against other dragons in the Stadium, and even help your friends by sending gifts and accepting aid requests.


This is a point and click style of game, so the controls are really easy. The basis of the game is to raise dragons. There are several different aspects to this process. First you have to hatch an egg, and then you build a habitat for your new dragon. In order for your dragon to grow and gain levels, which also makes them stronger and more formidable in combat, you have to feed your dragon. In order to feed the dragons you have to build a food farm.

After you have a full-grown dragon, you can breed it with another dragon to make a dragon egg, which is where the process starts all over again. One interesting thing about dragon breeding, the type of dragon that hatches from the egg depends on the type of dragons you bred; this aspect may seem kind of obvious, but there are numerous combinations and outcomes. With 12 types of dragons, and any where from 2 elements or 3 elements per hatchling, there are hundreds of outcomes, and each dragon looks different.

You can build as many habitats as you want, as long as you have the gold and the room enough to do it, but don’t worry. If you run out of room, you can just expand your area by buying it with in game gold. There are four islands that you can buy to grow your dragon city. You get gold from your dragon habitats; somehow they produce gold that you can harvest.

Since this game originated on Facebook, it obviously has some social aspects. Like every other Facebook game, there is a list of your friends at the bottom of the screen. They can assist you in different aspects of the game, like the dragon market, all you have to do is ask (send them a request using the game’s request system). You can even visit their city to see how they are doing or help them out by clicking on their habitats, which generates gold and experience for you.

There are quests, or tasks rather, that you can do in the game. The tasks will give you rewards of gold and experience, so completing tasks can be quite helpful while trying to grow your city.


The graphics are the standard for most Facebook games. It is bright, cartoonish, and overall what you would expect to find in the imagination of a young optimist. The dragons are all uniquely designed and the elements they embody are represented well in their coloration and designs. The interface is uncluttered, in comparison to other MMOs. The details are cute and quirky.

Bottom Line

If you like the general layout of Facebook games, then this game is another MMO to try. It is simple, cute and fun, with a long potential for playability. The social aspect of the game creates a more community feel that keeps players coming back. If you have always dreamed of raising your own dragon, here’s your chance!