Darkfall Releases Largest Patch to Date

Darkfall announced it’s new “Economy Expansion” this afternoon which is reported to “probably be the largest in scope and importance to ever hit the Darkfall servers” and is aimed addressing many current issues in the game. Most importantly, the patch will encourage players to explore out into the open world and play the game actively in order to locate rare items which will provide a competitive edge during combat as well as enhance the character progression.


In addition, adjustments will be made which will increase the importance of possessing and wielding high-level items. The possessor will be granted significantly increased stats when using high-level items making the discovery of such an item that more exciting and the loss of one that more devastating. According to the patch notes on the official site the update will:


  • It addresses the issue of people having “full banks” filled with either resources, gear, or both.
  • It levels the playing field between old characters and newer characters, especially between those who managed to accumulate wealth from frowned-upon methods, and the hard-working “savers”. Older characters will still have a small starting advantage but those who start playing the game more actively can catch up within days. From a game economy’s perspective, there cannot be a greater time to return to Darkfall than this *economy restart/gold rush* update.
  • It addresses localization to a great extent. Rare materials will no longer be gained from anywhere in the world but from specific locations that are expected to be heavily contested and fought over. We are trying to achieve conflict through resource inequality. Player Holdings will play a huge role in this and the value of owning one or more will become crucial. Player House value has also increased.
  • It addresses the complicated recipes required to craft everything.
  • It makes the environment more dangerous and the PvE encounters quicker but much harder.
  • It speeds up instant travel which will result in finding fights faster.
  • It introduces the new inventory system, aimed to improve the QoL of all players, and makes inventory operations faster and more intuitive.
  • It addresses character advancement through prowess as well as the acquisition of Dominion required by clans to have fun.


Several other changes will be made to various other components of the game including but not limited to, Resources, Gear/ Crafting Changes, Harvesting, Map, Villages, Feats, and much more. If your would like to check out the specific details regarding the update click the link here to be directed to the official post.


Darkfall Releases Largest Patch to Date