Age of Wulin Updates Announced

WEBZEN, publishers of the popular MMORPG game Age of Wulin, just announced plans for a massive update to the AoW gameplay, entitled Chapter 4: Betrayal and Forgiveness. Age of Wulin is a historical RPG that allows players to become a martial artist in Ancient China. You develop your fighting skills, explore and battle with other players, and align yourself with one of 8 martial arts schools.

In Betrayal and Forgiveness, WEBZEN promises a whole slate of new factions and features. As hinted at by the title, players will now be able to betray their faction and ally with another, or become factionless and roam the expansive world as a vagabond. The benefit of this is that players are able to fend for themselves and create a more personal Age of Wulin experience, one that is not tied to a specific group.

In addition to the ability to become a vagrant, the update also introduces 6 new factions, including Peach Blossom Island and the Shifting Flower Palace, each with their own histories, benefits and tactics. Finally, the update will introduce a weather engine to make the gameplay even more immersive and realistic.

Betrayal and Forgiveness is to be released on March 10th. For more information about the update and factions, visit

Age of Wulin Updates Announced