Age of Wulin: Three New Expansions On The Way

WEBZEN is excited to announce that the martial arts MMORPG, Age of Wulin will release it’s third expansion in March 2015, leading the way for an exciting roadmap of 2015. The first expansion is scheduled for the first half of 2015 and will be released in English and will deliver exciting new features for the players in early March, including 6 new playable Factions, the introduction of the Weather system and many other changes to look forward to. The month of March brings changes in the vast world of Age of Wulin, as the adventurers’ allegiance to their Sect will be put to the ultimate test. Betray their peers and join one of the 6 Factions. Each of the factions possess their own skills, vying with those of the 8 existing Sects and which will surely attract newcomers in their web.


There will be additional realism already added to the rich game experience, Age of Wulin will see a 4-stage day and night system, giving different lighting for morning, noon, dusk, and night. Additional weather effects will be added such as snow, solar eclipses, storms and more to enjoy.



Age of Wulin: Three New Expansions On The Way