heros charge

Next week, the Annual Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is being held in San Francisco. At this event, new updates will be unleashed for the successful battle game, Heroes Charge. Following a major marketing push with an ad during Super Bowl 49, uCool, the California publisher behind the game, hopes to continue its momentum with these latest updates.

Jim Ngui, the head developer for Heroes Charge, will showcase what they have to offer. This includes new characters and levels, including the new Lightning Spirit, which is a mage with teleporting abilities, and the Ancient Temple, a new dungeon with a randomly triggered entrance.

In addition to the booth at the GDC, uCool is also partnering with ESPN to sponsor the Halftime report during Champ Week, in the beginning of March Madness.

To find out more about the updates and Heroes Charge in general, visit  http://forum.ucool.com/forumdisplay.php?46-Heroes-Charge

Updates for Heroes Charge Announced