Pirate Storm

July 17, 2012 6:51 pm

I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love a good pirate-themed game? It’s practically akin to something like pizza, where it’s all but pretty much impossible to screw it up. Throw in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) component into the mix and you’ve got yourself one tantalizingly delicious MMO right here.

So is it as good as one would expect it to be? Well, let’s find out in this edition of MMO Spotlights Pirate Storm review! <insert dramatic swashbuckling music here>

 Argh me matey!

If you’ve ever dreamed or believed that the pirate life was for you, then you my friend are in for a grand old time with Pirate Storm.

Developed by Bigpoint as an in-browser MMO, Pirate Storm is — hold onto your britches for this one — completely free to play. But don’t worry, unlike most other free-to-play MMO games these days, Pirate Storm actually manages to not suck. In addition to being entertaining, moderately addicting and the long-lost backdrop for every possible pirate-themed fantasy or adventure you’ve ever dreamed up in your head.

Pirate Storm is unsurprisingly a game about pirates, framed within a backdrop of a somewhat stereotypical (but certainly in not a boring, negative way) pirate world. There’s ships, there’s gold — er, I mean booty — and scimitars galore. Just like in your pirate-themed daydreams back in fourth grade!

Despite also being available to play on Facebook, don’t judge that feature negatively either as a Zynga tailored-to-get-you-to-spend-money-to-keep-playing-their-”free”-game this is most certainly not. It’s actually a refreshing and exciting window into just what gaming on the social platform can potentially be.

But enough of that. You want to know about the nitty gritty pirate lowdown, don’t you? Well, don’t worry, as I won’t let you down!

You may be a bit surprised to learn that the world you play within in Pirate Storm actually has monsters in it. Monsters that have come up from the deepest, darkest depths of the world to make your carefree pirates life looting that much more complicated and dangerous. I would imagine it sucks if we were actually these pirates in this world, but as a gameplay mechanic, it makes sense really. It’s not like they could just have warring factions and pirate guilds fighting all the time all over the damn place and nothing else, right?

While I would primarily recommend this to people who actually have an affinity for/are big fans of pirates and all of the pirate-related lore out there, it’s definitely high quality enough for you to give it a quick go at the very least. The fact that it’s available to play on Facebook only means that you’re going to have to try it or forever feel my wrath.

Pirate Storm is available in a multitude of different languages including English (obviously), Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Italian, English, German, Turkish, Spanish and French.

The fact that the game is available to be played by so many diverse people all across the globe only lends that much more local/regional flare and diversity to the overall cast of pirates in the game. And boy are there a lot of pirates in this game… but I mean, what else would you expect from an MMO themed pirate game, right?

In regards to whether you should play it straight-up in the browser or on Facebook, this is really just a matter of preference. I tend to get a lot more immersed if I full screen a web browser MMO and don’t have to worry about being ripped from the experience back into the 21st Century because some random person on my Facebook friends list decided to spam my profile in the hopes I’d give them a golden raccoon pelt that I don’t even get how it begins to relate to farming. But whatever, that’s just me. Regardless of the method you choose to play Pirate Storm, the odds are that you’re going to have an extremely good time.

Seriously, it’s practically a match made in heaven. Massively multiplayer online style game? Meet pirates. Pirates, meet MMO’s. Screw it, I’m giving this bad boy a final score and then hopping back into a new tab to play some more. If that’s not a testimonial worth walking down the proverbial gangplank to play this gem, I don’t know what is. Download Pirate Storm now and enjoy!